Andreas Voigt
Regisseur & Autor


Doc Leipzig, Sheffield Doc Fest, Krakau Film Festival, Neiße Film Festival, Film Festival Linz

During the summer and autumn of 1991 I made a film: a journey along the Oder and Neisse rivers, along the German-Polish border.
Nearly 30 years later I´m returning to this border area.
Encounters on both sides of the rivers. Explorations. Stories from the edge but from the heart of Europe.

Work, homeland, love. Leaving, arriving, and staying.
People, their stories and their landscapes.
In the South, Lower Silesia, where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic meet.
In the middle, the Oder flatlands.
In the North, the Szczecin Lagoon.

A journey in the borderland.

DOP: Markcus Lenz, Maurice Wilkerling
Editor: Ina Tangermann
Production: a jour Film, Barbara Etz Filmproduktion, nordfilm

Time will tell

DOK Leipzig Film Festival
World Premiere at the International Documentary Festival Leipzig
October 26th, 2015

Bavarian Film Award for the best documentary, 2016

In TIME WILL TELL, we return to some of the protagonists from my earlier films of the "Leipzig Series".
During the political upheaval in late-1989/ early-1990, Isabel, Jenny and Sven were teenagers of fourteen and fifteen and still attending school. The dramatic social changes following the collapse of East Germany hit them head on during their most formative years.
The protagonists from my films "Last Year Titanic" (1990), "Faith, Love, Hope" (1994), and "The Big Wide World" (1997) are now in their late-30s. They've been living in the Federal Republic of Germany longer than they lived in East Germany. The paths their lives have taken could hardly be much different.
Our new film revolves around these three protagonists and their lives today, twenty-five years after the first film: ISABEL, the former punk, is now a liquidator. JENNY is on a quest to unravel her family's ill-fated history. SVEN is struggling through life unemployed.

DOP: Sebastian Richter            Editor: Kathrin Dietzel            Producer: Klaus Schmutzer




The film is a window into the exotic world of the elephant-loving Princess Lakshmi and the mahout Kuttan, whose family have been caring for the Maharaja´s elephants for generations. It also reveals how this ubiquitous tradition is changing in the face of great upheaval in Southern India.

Camera: Marcus Winterbauer
Cutter: Anja Keyßelt
Music: Benoit Pimont
Assistant Director: Prasanna Ramaswamy
Editor: Ulrike Becker
Barbara Etz Filmproduction, SWR/arte

Awards: Silver Columbus, German Journalist Award


Samucha lives in the high mountains of Tusheti, a tiny region in Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains. He looks like an American cowboy. He is a fabulous horserider, a shepherd, a musician, singer and storyteller...

Redaktion: Ulrike Becker (SWR), Uta Cappel (arte)
Kamera: Marcus Winterbauer

National Geographic Magazine Award, International Film Festival Autrans, France

Komi – a journey across the Arctic

A journey with two nomad families and five thousand reindeers across the Polar Circle

Camera: Marcus Winterbauer

Best Film, best camera, best music, TAC Filmfestival, Eugene, Oregon, USA
Prize of the Governmet, Yamal Netetz Region, Salechard. Russia
Golden Coins, Grand Prix, Roshd International Film Festival, Teheran, 200

Grand Prix, Orobie International Film Festival, Bergamo, Italy, 2009

INVISIBLE – illegal in Europe

Five people in five European countries; they live illegaly, keep hoping for happiness, but have to submit their heart- rending fate

Camera: Marcus Winterbauer, Johann Feindt, Jacek Blawut, Andreas Voigt

European DocuZone Award, Leipzig International Documentary Filmfestival

Mr. Behrmann Life Dreams & Death

A shelter in London; an old Jewish actor remebers ...

Camera: Rainer M. Schulz

Silver Wolf, Best Documentary, IDFA, Amsterdam

Russia´s cold heart

A summer and a winter journey at the Ob river in Western Sibiria

Camera: Bernd Mosblech

Faith, Love, and Hope

The 4th film of the "Leipzig - Films". During the term of one year we were accompanying and filming a group of young people. Violence and aggression, hopes and dreams and fears.

Camera: Sebastian Richter

Grand Prix, Festival du Film de Strasbourg, France

Leipzig in Autumn

We are with our camera amongst the demonstrants in the city of Leipzig, when in October 1989 hundreds of thousands demonstrate against the East German government at the streets. Three weeks later the Berlin Wall collapses.

Camera: Sebastian Richter

Andreas Voigt