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a new film of the awarded and international known "Leipzig-Series" (1986-1997)
18 years after the last film from 1997 we are coming back again to see some people we meet years ago...

Bavarian Film Award

INVISIBLE- illegal in Europe  2004, 35 mm, digital Beta, 90 min.

A film about five refugees living illegaly in five European Countries

  • European Docu zone Award, 2004


Grosse Weite Welt/ The Big Wide World  1997, 35 mm, colour/ bw, 90 min.

Ostpreussenland/ Tales of East Prussia  1995, 16 mm, 90 min.

  • Viennale, Wien, 1996

Glaube Liebe Hoffnung/ Faith Love and Hope  1994, 35 mm, bw, 90 min.

  • Grand Prix for the best documentary, Strasbourg International Film Festival


Grenzland eine Reise/ Border Territories- a Journey  1992, 16 mm, 90 min.

  • Main Prize at Strasbourg International Film Festival, France

Letztes Jahr Titanic/ Last Year Titanic  1991, 35 mm, bw, 95 min.

  • Adolf- Grimme- Prize for the best documentary in German television

Leipzig im Herbst/ Leipzig in Autumn  1989, 35 mm, bw, 52 min.

  • The International Jury Prize, Leipzig International Film Festival 1989


Leute mit Landschaft/ People with Landscape 1988, 16 mm, 88 min.

Alfred  1986, 35 mm, colour/bw, 42 min.

  • Prize of the Film Clubs for the best documentary


Festivals  (selection)

Berlin international forum of young cinema, Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival, Cinéma du réel, Paris, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Munich Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam International Film Festival, Festival dei Popoli, Florenz, International Film Festival Strasbourg, Salechard (Siberia), Viennale Wien, zagrebdox, Thessaloniki

Screenings  (selection)

Great Britain, Iceland, India, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Singapore, Swiss, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan, USA

Andreas Voigt