Andreas Voigt
Regisseur & Autor

Films for Television

Accross the Western Sahara with Camel Herders  2019

The film invites viewers on a journey into the exotic world of camel herders. We follow them through breathtaking landscapes, meet their wives and children, participate in camel races, and search for water with them as they wander through the desert with their herds. Our multifaceted film shows how Muslim traditions are coming to terms with life today.

24 hours Europe  2019

The Mahouts of Kerala  2014

a window into the exotic world of the elephant-loving Princess Lakshmi and the mahout Kuttan, whose family have been caring for the Maharajas elephants for generations. It also reveals how this ubiquitous tradition is changing in the face of great upheaval in Southern India.

The Priest  2010

for the documentary film project 20xBrandenburg of the rbb television Berlin-Brandenburg

  • awarded the Adolf Grimme Preis for the best film in tlevison

Samucha - the last journey of a shepherd  2010

A film about a man, his flock and his music a film  about men and women in the unique landscape
of the Caucasus Mountains in the small country of Georgia almost at the end of the world.

  • Special MentionTAC Film Festival, Eugene, USA

24h berlin 2009, HD cam

zero film, rbb, arte

Co- director, 24 hours film projekt by Volker Heise; story of Nadja & Victor,
will be broadcasted September 5th  2009, German television rbb and arte

Komi, a journey across the Arctic  2007, HD, 52 min., BEF, Seppia, France 5, SWR

  • Best Film, best camera, best music, TAC Festival, Eugene, Oregon, USA, 2008
  • Prize of the Governor, Salechard Film Festival, Russia, 2008
  • Golden Coins, Main Prize, Roshd International Film Festival, Teheran, Iraq, 2009
  • Grand Prix, Orobie International Film Festival, Bergamo, Italy, 2009


The Son of the Taiga  2006, digital Beta, 30 min.

  • Grand Prix, best children´s film, Earth Vision Festival, Tokyo, 2008

Russia´s cold heart  2005, digital Beta, 2*45 min.


The Musician of the Tatra Mountains  2003, 30 min.

David@NewYork  2000, 30 min.

Trouble Spots  1999,  6 min., for the City of Leipzig

Veldpost International 1998/99, for the Dutch TV- channel VPRO

25 short films, directing and camera (in cooperation with Jochen Wisotzki)

No Home in Kurdistan  1998, 30 min.

  • nominated ECHO Radio & Television Award, Wien 1998

At the Taj Mahal  1996, 30 min.

Mr. Behrmann Life Dreams & Death  1995

  • The Silver Wolf, Grand Prix for the best video- film, Amsterdam International Film Festival


Reyad aus Damascus/ Reyad from Damascus  1995, 30 min.

Encounter with Krzysztof Kieslowski  1995, 45 min.






Andreas Voigt