Andreas Voigt
Regisseur & Autor

Films for Television

The Mahouts of Kerala  2014

The Priest  2010

for the documentary film project 20xBrandenburg of the rbb television Berlin-Brandenburg

  • awarded the Adolf Grimme Preis for the best film in tlevison


Samucha – the last journey of a shepherd  2010

A film about a man, his flock and his music a film  about men and women in the unique landscape
of the Caucasus Mountains in the small country of Georgia almost at the end of the world.

  • Special MentionTAC Film Festival, Eugene, USA


24h berlin 2009, HD cam

zero film, rbb, arte

Co- director, 24 hours film projekt by Volker Heise; story of Nadja & Victor,
will be broadcasted September 5th  2009, German television rbb and arte


Komi, a journey across the Arctic  2007, HD, 52 min., BEF, Seppia, France 5, SWR

  • Best Film, best camera, best music, TAC Festival, Eugene, Oregon, USA, 2008
  • Prize of the Governor, Salechard Film Festival, Russia, 2008
  • Golden Coins, Main Prize, Roshd International Film Festival, Teheran, Iraq, 2009
  • Grand Prix, Orobie International Film Festival, Bergamo, Italy, 2009



Ein Sohn der Taiga/ The Son of the Taiga  2006, digital Beta, 30 min.

  • Grand Prix, best children´s film, Earth Vision Festival, Tokyo, 2008

Russlands kaltes Herz/ Russia´s cold heart  2005, digital Beta, 2*45 min.



Der Musikant aus der Tatra/ Musician of the Tatra Mountains  2003, 30 min.


David@NewYork  2000, 30 min.


Trouble Spots  1999,  6 min., for the City of Leipzig


Veldpost International 1998/99, for the Dutch TV- channel VPRO

        25 short films, directing and camera (in cooperation with Jochen Wisotzki)


Kein Zuhaus in Kurdistan/ No home in Kurdistan  1998, 30 min.

  • nominated ECHO Radio & Television Award, Wien 1998


Am Taj Mahal/ At the Taj Mahal  1996, 30 min.


Mr. Behrmann Leben Traum Tod/ Mr. Behrmann Life Dreams & Death  1995

  • The Silver Wolf, Grand Prix for the best video- film, Amsterdam International Film Festival



Reyad aus Damascus/ Reyad from Damascus  1995, 30 min.


Begegnung mit Krzysztof Kieslowski/ Encounter with Krzysztof Kieslowski  1995, 45 min.